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Jan 31, 2010 2:00pm EST
-day afghan conference. what you met with president karzai in london. and you know that obviously britain has the second biggest fighting force there after the united states. what do you think about for instance, president obama's surge and then the idea of starting a withdrawal some 18 months later. >> well, let's start with the surge. i think we finally in afghanistan, we've got the right strategy. it's a strategy that recognizes that we were short of troops and boots on the ground and that needed to be increased and i would pay tribute to what the american people are doing in terms of putting those extra troops, particularly into the sides of the country where the british have done good work, but quite badly overstretched. that's making a huge difference. but alongside the military commitment, what's been necessary is more coordination of the civilian effort, of aid, and of political strategy so there's a prospect of this country running itself, providing its own security. and i think what we see now is those elements coming together. that is very good news. and i think we all now need to
Jan 3, 2010 2:00pm EST
accusations against president karzai's relatives, brothers, part of this drug trade. >> we are talking about two different subject matters here. certainly the minister in afghanistan is very weak. he has no ability to enforce the law. it is nothing. it is sort of a moral role. i guess that is what tom meant when he says it is ineffective. certainly he's very clear. i never had one single word against him in terms of him being involved. then there is a different element, which i brought up, the question of corruption. corruption in kabul. corruption in the provinces. corruption in the army. that's a different issue and i would consider it one of most dangerous ones and one of the most urgent to be dealt with. >> gretchen, last word to you. as this re-assessment of afghan policy goes on, as this crisis in governance in afghanistan is playing itself out, how is this going to help or hinder, more like likely, the effort to control the drugs? >> well, i think at the same time that the drug problem creates challenges. it also presents opportunities. my research among the people of afghanistan and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2